caddyr is your digital scorecard for your iPhone or iPod touch.
Track and save all scores and recieve detailed analytics about your gameplay.

Analyse your play

Register today and recieve detailed analysis about your game play. Share all scores with your golf buddies.

How to use caddyr

Just visit this website with your iPhone. The scorecard application will start automatically.

Track your scorecards

caddyr helps you to track and save all score information for your complete flight for any course. Start today by just visiting this website with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

News / Releases:

08-08-10: Version 1.4.0 released.
08-07-28: WOW! We have to thank you all for more than 1.000 registered users that are using caddyr so far.

08-07-22: Version 1.4 is coming soon: We are finalizing the new version including new features and a new CI.

08-07-08: THANK YOU!!! Today we launched caddyr iPhone Scorecard and this website. We got so far more than 100 registered golfers in the first few hours. We hope you all like it. If so (or if not) send us feedback how we can improve this app. Thanks again.

08-07-05: Version 1.3.0 (beta) released.
08-07-01: Version 1.1.2 (beta) released.
08-06-22: Version 1.0.1 released.


caddyr is FREE and will stay free as an online version.