Feature overview

caddyr enables your iPhone or iPod touch to be used as a scorecard for your golf games. You can easily track and save all scores for you and your flight buddies.

Track and save golf scores

You can easily track every game (9 holes, 18 holes) for up to 4 players and save all game information.

Recieve detailed analysis (coming soon)

caddyr will deliver you detailed analysis about your scorecards and your gameplay evolution.

Forward scorecards

Your golf buddies want to recieve their score? Just forward them their scorecards easily within caddyr.

Automatic updates

Once you start using caddyr you'll recieve automtic updates and new features that hopefully will help you to improve your play.

Easy to use

Just visit www.caddyr.com with your iPhone or iPod touch and start usind it right away. It's very simple to use to help you focus on your golf.


caddyr is free until September. After it's just $19.99 per year (including updates, course information and much more).